Black Squid Design offers innovative packaging and label design that breathes life into a product (and keeps it alive long after the others have dropped off the shelf). We design an unforgettable experience.

5Nines Whisky

A distillery located in the Adelaide Hills, specialising in small batch handcrafted spirits, established by two guys with one sole passion – to create the perfect spirit, 5Nines – 99.999% perfection.

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The design needed to reflect the ever-present background thinking of this, the exclusivity and premium nature of each variety, while remaining true to the brand. It was important to highlight textural and sensory elements of the package to enhance the experience, such as the individual variety overlay labels, textured stock, raised sculptured emboss and foiled aspects.

The unique hand crafted Copper Still was a pivotal piece of inspiration for the overall design; we drew upon the curves of the Still to influence the bottle shape and the angular lines replicated within the logo treatment. The bottle wooden cap and seal ties back to the barrels that the whisky is matured in, and the continuous words printed in the background ‘in search of perfection’ inspired by the rings around the center of the barrels.

Creating an experience that is reflective of the product and the particular hands-on distilling process.

DIA Merit Award

Pikes Beer Co.

Pikes Beer Co. is a family owned and operated craft brewery in South Australia’s Clare Valley. The core range new release packaging design – now in a can.

Swimming against the tide since 1886.

Whistle Blower Tea Co

In a saturated market the brand had to stand out as a premium tea for the masses, strongly pronouncing their philosophy of accessibility, honesty and sustainable.

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Taking inspiration from whistle blowers and revolutionaries, release of information, codes and redacted documents, we trialled various combinations of missing letters to achieve the most readable outcome, with the brain naturally filling in the gaps in the logo.

The packaging also took a minimalist approach with the strong logo becoming a central feature paired with bold photography showing each individual ingredient in detail. The logo was printed in gloss black foil to contrast the detail of the images and the textured, uncoated and recycled stock.

Clean, bold and open to reflect the brands intentions and philosophy.

AGDA Finalist Award

Pikes Beer Co. - Limited Release Beer

The limited release label range was designed to give an overall refined contemporary feel.

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Taking inspiration from the freshwater Pike and their two-toned scales, with a simple minimalist look to break the mould of the typical craft beer. On each beer variety the golden scale moves its location.


The labels pattern mimics a textural raised fish scale feel while highlighting one gold scale to symbolise its rarity.

AGDA Distinction Award DIA Gold Award


This was Mitolo’s first venture from the McLaren Vale region, to create a series of small batch Adelaide Hills wines.

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The naming and design for the two varieties, ‘of the Earth’ and ‘of the Wind,’ reflect the climatic and soil conditions that make the Adelaide Hills an ideal region for superb wines.

The labels use a crisp black foil geometric pattern of mountains and representative of the Mitolo ‘M’, overprinting raw, textural relief prints.

AGDA Distinction Award

Brewboys Brewery

Brewboys Brewery & Tap Room emerged as one of the early craft producers in the SA brewing scene.

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The family owned and run brewery has an evolving range of craft beers creating inspiring blends. They required an update to their labels to be consistent across the brand, while having individuality for each of the specific craft beer personalities. With a little bit of quirkiness to engage the customer and provide a memorable experience.

Each beer type has is a different style, type or flavour profile and back story. Illustrations were created to reflect these different personalities.

AGDA Finalist Award

Kirrihill Wines, Partner Series

Kirrihill is a boutique winery cultivating fine wines that capture the terroir of South Australia’s Clare Valley. The Partner Series is a family of fine, super-premium wines, each with distinct characters mirroring the three owners of Kirrihill.

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The packaging was designed to convey a sense of traditional boldness, with simple minimalist cues, whilst shinning a spotlight on each of the partners personalities and the wines that they’re paired with.

Top of the hill is a reference for going through trials and tribulations and coming out on top.

Rio Vista

Family grown and operated, Rio Vista Olives expertly crafting premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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Let’s keep this simple. This bottle is filled with nothin’ but 100% South Australian grown and harvested olives. Grown naturally in the Adelaide Hills and sunny Murraylands, picked by friendly people and cold extracted within 6 hours of harvest. No numbers, nothing imported, everything fresh.

100% Olive Juice. 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil. So the label says it!


Let’s keep this simple!

Needle and Pin

Named Needle & Pin — to reflect Cockney rhyming slang for Gin.

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This label takes an Australian country twist, inspired by the saying ‘needle in a haystack.’ The front label artwork is made from hundreds of fine black strokes, one replaced with a small gold foil needle.


Like looking for a needle in a haystack.

AGDA Finalist Award

Opulent Moon

A series of three wines that depict the various stages of the moon cycle.

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The client reminisced on a story. “When I was younger, I had a dream. I was in the schoolyard in China. I was surrounded by lots of cold concrete, I was by myself and I felt very alone. When I awoke from my dream, there was a full moon creating a soft, warm light from its glow. I felt safe.”



Glow-in-the-dark ink on the moon graphic highlights the client story for everyone to feel safe from the moons glow.

AGDA Finalist Award

Ambleside Distillers

Designed to help capture the essence the Adelaide bar scene from the comforts of the patrons very own couch during the COVID-19 crisis.

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This collaboration was created to support the bars and clubs that were forced to close throughout this period. The cocktails were created by Ambleside distillers and local mixologists working alongside one another, with the goal to deliver a very personal cocktail experience.

The design of each bottle takes inspiration from each of the venues individuality/ architecture/ persona; the typical glassware used for each type of cocktail and the outcome of colour from the mixed cocktails. Using the applied thinking we created distinctive patterns that visually expressed the attributes of each bar.    

Each bar is unique, as are the cocktails therefore we wanted to feature the noteworthy combination of the two and how the experience could be brought home.


The limited release Gin of 40 bottles was created using 40 different botanicals over a 12 month ‘Gin Discovery’ period to come up with the perfect gin.

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A Lure was laser cut from stainless steel, etched both faces and suspended the by stainless steel wire to hang inside the bottle in the crystal clear gin.

The cork has been double-dipped in white and red wax to reflect a ‘float’ to complete the surreal fishing scene.



A lure for the adventurous, it captivates while moving with the tide.

AGDA Distinction Award DIA Gold Award

Shut The Gate, Tumbarumba Chardonnay

The existing Shut the Gate brand and wine labels revolve around various indirect gate references.

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This Tumbarumba Chardonnay is sourced from the high altitude of the snowy mountains, we saw it fitting to continue this direction with a theme of ‘the gates of heaven’. We drew inspiration from illuminated religious manuscripts; rare, aged and highly decorated.

A complex gold foil was used, overprinted with black and embossed to reflect this luxurious, aged and textured motif.

Musq Cosmetics

A sleek and upmarket brand for MUSQ Natural Cosmetics.

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Musq is an Australian made, natural make up and skin care range. Musq uses real ingredients for real results with no hidden ingredients or hidden agenda.


The use of black and white to create a strong unified Brand Identity.

AGDA Finalist Award

5Nines Gin

A small batch distillery located in the Adelaide hills of South Australia, specialising in hand crafted Gin and Single Malt Whisky.

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At 5nines (99.999) they’re in search of perfection and leaving nothing to chance, even engineering and crafting their own still.

The label design features Illustrations that are inspired by the marriage between the hand crafted copper equipment and eclectic images relating to each variety.

This visual representation creates a unique personality that is reflective of each bottle of Gin and the distilling process.

The Lane

The Lane Vineyard in the Adelaide Hills have four distinct tiers of wine – Heritage, Estate, Provenance and Lane series.

A unique ‘sense of place.’

Hunky Dory Wines

A light hearted, entry level range of rosé and white wines.

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Idioms and hand gestures were used to convey a lighter, more playful personality and connect the varietals to the brands name; reflecting the humour and sarcasm of the phrase “everything is hunky-dory.”

Pop art inspired, the labels use a halftone pattern with a luxe, contemporary style.

AGDA Finalist Award

Frankly Eco

Logo, brand identity and packaging for skincare start up Frankly Eco that reflects their stance as a young, modern, ethical brand for Mothers and their babies.

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Illustrated in the style of continuous line and cut paper. One layer indicating the category, the other adding calming colours and differentiating the individual products. A clean and modern feel, while maintaining personality and authenticity.


Packaging with an overall soft and gentle feel to suit the product, a natural, honest and ethical skincare range for mothers and babies.

Shut The Gate Wines

A small wine producer that’s passionate about single site and best of region grape varieties.

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The premium range illustrate three distinct shut the gate stories; for hunger, for love, and for freedom.

Detailed illustrations and stories bring the Shut the Gate brand depth, meaning and an engaging personality.

Taronga Almonds

Logo and packaging for Taronga Almonds range of nuts, butters and baking products.

Your ticket to quality.