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Pikes Beer Co.

Pikes Beer Co. is a family owned and operated craft brewery in South Australia’s Clare Valley. The core range new release packaging design – now in a can.

Swimming against the tide since 1886.

The Hospital Research Foundation

Signage for The Hospital Research Foundation corporate office in South Australia for better health and wellbeing for the community through life-changing medical research and improved healthcare.

The interconnecting line graphics showcase how the Hospital Research Foundation work together to fund life changing medical research.


Products for the People : Unisex : Doing away with the complicated regime : Honest, ethical and clean formulations : Laid back : Aussie Made and owned : Simple to use : Get on with your day : You’re in Güd hands.

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Naming, Logo, packaging and brand identity for an Australian made haircare brand.

Bringing you the Güd : The whole Güd : and nothing but the Güd.

The Lane

The Lane Vineyard in the Adelaide Hills have four distinct tiers of wine – Heritage, Estate, Provenance and Lane series.

A unique ‘sense of place’