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Harcourts - Advertising Campaign

Whether upsizing, downsizing, or seeking a new perspective, they’ll be your unwavering support through life’s transitions.

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Embrace transformation with Harcourts, your steadfast companion. The caring team combines expertise and compassion to lead you towards the best outcomes for your next move. Embrace change with confidence, knowing Harcourts is your trusted partner.

Change your view,
change your reality.

Kindly - Skincare

Meet Kind-ly Skincare; friendly skin essentials made from only Australian natural and organic ingredients, with a emphasis product transparency, suitable for all skin types.

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The brief was to create a new line of products that were minimal, approachable, entertaining and had wide appeal to women of all ages. From this we created a visionary brand where every product is a celebration of femininity, lifestyle, and unadulterated fun.

We created a brand voice which was simple in approach: to redefine skincare as an experience that indulges not only the body, but the spirit as well. Lifestyle has been key to skincare and beauty across the ages and we decided to incorporate vintage cut-out photography of women displaying natural care free personality and pair this with a contemporary colour palette and clean typography, while holding onto premium cues.

Natural is the new normal,
Live Kind-ly.

Mr Nobody

Purveyor of strong wines and liqueurs.

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Years ago there lived a hermit.
He spoke to nobody,
Knew nobody,
And nobody knew him.
Mr Nobody.
A local Clare Valley legend told by somebody.

A strong drink with more spirit than body.


Botany - Native Flora

Botany is a way of life;
Botany is sustainable;
Botany is essential.

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The innovative Botany Native Flora range is made using naturally derived indigenous plant ingredients, formulated to harness and share the significant benefits of Australia’s native flora. We wanted to hero; ingredient, nature, country, and use, while bringing you back to nature.

We crafted character illustrations for each individual product who embodied the natural ingredients, brought to life through movement, form, and nature’s touch. They showcased; use, ingredients and brought a unique look to a very minimal looking market. The colour choices were inspired by the hero ingredients, the application of this was distinctive by utilising an almost no white approach to pack.

Simple, Effective, Pure.

Square1 - Gin

At their core, Square1 has an ethos based around journey, discovery, adventure, and risk taking.

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The key in crafting the expression for their packaging was allowing each gin to display their individuality, after all, everyone takes a different path through the maze.
We created a branding mark that forms a maze using the open-ended negative space of the ‘S & 1’ encapsulating the overall brand messaging. The packaging varies from bottle to bottle, from bobbling square citrus fruit, to a ship lost in a maze of rough seas, each gin takes you on a journey, whist offering quirk and humour. We decided to incorporate the logo mark into each of the designs, making it develop into a part of the story, while also embracing the square theme.

Starting from Square one, has never been straight line.

AADC Finalist Award

The Floater - Small Batch Gin

Inspired by the quintessentially South Australian dish that is served best after a big night out.
The Pie Floater.

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We are proud to have been selected as one of the 20 creative studios from around the world to design a package for a global initiative called ‘Make a Mark 2022’. The completed project was launched at Luxepack 2022 in Monaco!

The aim of the Make a Mark project is to showcase three key components of the package – A vessel. A label. Embellishments.
To represent global industry leaders Estal (Glass manufacturer and closure), Avery Dennison (Label stocks) and Kurz (Foils and embossing).

The Pie Floater is traditionally a meat pie, floating upside-down in a bowl of pea soup and eaten with the help of a spoon. Said to have been invented in the late 1800s in South Australia – the golden pastry of a meat pie, topped with a squirt of tomato sauce, sitting in a bowl of green pea soup.

Our approach was to deconstruct ‘The Floater’ using foil finishes and layers of sculptured & multi-level embossing to recreate the colours and textures of the meal ‘floating’ on the traditional white dish. Round bottle, embossed glass and printing on the reverse side of the back label, references the mushy pea soup.

Peas  /  Pie  /  Sauce

AADC Award AGDA Finalist Award Exhibited