Black Squid Design sets itself apart in the corporate design landscape through its expertise in branding design and communication strategies. We take pride in our association with some of Australia’s most iconic corporate brands.

Small Business Commissioner SA

The Commissioner and her team are committed to championing, supporting and celebrating small businesses.

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The new logo is reflective of the support they provide to South Australian small business owners.

Effective communication is at the heart of everything they do, and the logo reflects this. The vibrant purple featured in the logo has a bold warmth and is linked to trust, reliability and transformation – concepts fundamental to mediation and dispute resolution. Working together with the cyan of SASBC’s past logo, it provides a great contrast and exciting colour palette, while maintaining a point of transition from their previous visual identity.

We’re here for small Business

Helpmann Academy

Empowering South Australia’s most promising emerging creatives to realise their visions and build sustainable practices.

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Selection of publications produced for Helpmann Academy.

Empowering emerging Creatives

Alliance College

The branding highlights the infinite pathways for students and the history of being the first Nationally Accredited Hospitality School in SA.

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Alliance College’s branding, characterized by a dynamic network of interconnected pathways, symbolizing the extensive educational choices available. This design conveys the essence of Alliance College as a place where individual journeys are nurtured and limitless possibilities abound.

Shaping your future.

National Rail Safety Regulator

Design of the Safety and Annual report for ONRSR to encourage and enforce safe railway operations and improve national rail safety.